Infant Program

(3 months to 18 months)

By First Roots Early Education Academy - Richmond Hill Child Care Centre

Where Little Ones Grow Big Ideas!

Infant Care Services by First Roots Early Education Academy - Daycare in Richmond Hill


(3 months to 18 months)


First Roots believes in a home-awayfrom-home approach for our infants. With a 1:3 staff-to-baby ratio, we are able to provide unique, individualized schedules to support each child’s first steps into the world.


In addition to this attentive care, our baby Montessori and sign language programs will be of enormous help to our newborns in their preparation for their toddler years.


Our on-site chef prepares fresh meals and snacks in the kitchen on a daily basis. The baby meal program is provided to Infant families at no extra cost.


A new bundle of joy can also cause some anxiety and concern for families. We want to alleviate some of those worries via our digital daily report system: HiMama. This powerful tool lets us send you pictures, messages and updates of your child straight to your mobile. Your account will store all of these updates for you to reflect back on years later!

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