Toddler Program

(18 months to 30 months)

By First Roots Early Education Academy - Richmond Hill Child Care Centre

Where Little Ones Grow Big Ideas!

Toddler playing with pebbles at First Roots Early Education Academy - Licensed Child Care in Richmond Hill


(18 months to 30 months)


The toddler age is full of sensory exposure and discovering an awareness of oneself. To aid our students’ development, we provide plenty of stimulation for the five senses through the use of various mediums including playdough and sand.


To support our students’ emerging self-awareness, we also incorporate decision-making and parallel play in our program. Through these interactions, our toddlers can comfortably begin their social development.


We at First Roots have also created our own nature motivated play program. The Little Farmers program lets our students take their learning outdoors and interact with the environment. Through various activities, our toddlers are encouraged to carefully observe their surroundings and begin nurturing an appreciation and respect for our planet.

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