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    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
    We couldn't be more pleased with the care and attention that our toddler is getting at First Roots. She adjusted so well and quickly with the help of the amazing staff. We love how she's trying so many different types of foods and activities. All the teachers, management team and staff are so welcoming and nice. You can really tell they give their whole heart and energy into everything they do for the kids and centre. I would highly recommend First Roots to any parent. We totally trust them and wish them all the success they deserve!

    Samantha Lin
  • Richmond Hill Kindergarten Testimonials

    I’ve done a lot research before sending my little one to daycare. At the end one of my friends recommended first roots to me. Her boy had great time here. I visited this place twice before making the final decision. Now My little one is 12 months old and has been in first roots for two weeks. The staff and teachers are extremely friendly and helpful. The classroom is new, nice and clean. They offer variety of freshly cooked food and my boy loves it. They also provide all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities which we cannot do at home. Hopefully this place won’t be impacted by the second wave of COVID-19. I’m sure I couldn’t find a better place than this.

    Denise Wan
  • Richmond Hill Kindergarten Testimonials

    It's a wonderful daycare!!
    Montessori parish is well equipped.
    Teachers always smile and treat children.

    My daughter wants to go to the day care even on the weekends.🤣🤣🤣

    Yun Ju Kim
  • Richmond Hill Kindergarten Testimonials

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
    My daughter started going to First Roots daycare since she was 27 months old, and I think I made the best choice so far! This is the cleanest childcare center I have ever seen with the most learning toys decorated in everywhere. Their staffs are very kind and professional, who truly love the children as if they were their own. My daughter learned so much and is always so excited to come to the Centre and engages with the teachers and friends. If I ever ask whether she wants to go the next day, she always says "Yes". My daughter always has a big smile on her face when we arrive to pick up her. Meals are highly recommended, especially for most Asian kids who are used to have the Asian foods at home. The Center make fresh and nutritious food in their own kitchen, so my daughter always eats the most of foods by HERSELF! The teachers offer a wide range of creative educational activities by using lots of Montessori educated tools and have plenty of outdoor playtime. I love the daily reports by using Himama to learn everything (meals. Bathroom, naps, activities) about my kid so I do not need to question her every day after she comes back home. My daughter had learnt so much from here. I already recommended to a lot of my friends, as parents, they never regret to make this choice. I highly recommend First Roots Center to any parent looking for a safe and friendly daycare! I appreciated they did great jobs and felt secure knowing that my child was safe there during Covid-19.

    Sarah SSC
  • Richmond Hill Kindergarten Testimonials

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
    I want to share our experience with First Root Early Education Academy, as our daughter their since about a year, she is so happy , loves going there, the place is super clean, the teachers and the stuff management are amazing and help you with all the details you ask for, special thanks to Boarm, Peter, Christine.

    Zaid Abdalsattar
  • Richmond Hill Kindergarten Testimonials

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness
    I absolutely LOVE this daycare for my daughter and my daughter adores teachers and the program! My daughter was with another daycare nearby which we had some concerns with their management (not her teachers), and during the first wave of COVID, they crossed the line - how they were handling/ communicating with the parents (basically trying to get empathy for their loss of business revenue); that's why we decided to move from the old daycare, even if we would lose the tuition deposit. I'm glad we did it!! From the moment we met the management team (during tour) to now, the level of care from the management & the teachers is obvious - super welcoming, warm, friendly & kind. Their vision for EC education is clear, and very knowledgeable. The food menu (all made in house including "homemade juice"!!), and program/ activities also shows that it is from genuine warm care for children. Also, they are super communicative, and you get updated throughout the day! I hope other parents to come and enroll their children because I don't want them to close down due to financial hardship during this pandemic! They deserve credits what they do everyday, and as parents, we need this type of facilities available for our children!!!

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    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
    as a mom to an infant I couldn't be any happier!! I was extremely worried how will my 10 month old react to a new environment Let me tell you we were BLESSED these ppl really care for every Childs needs! They have done above and beyond of making me and my child feel safe loved and taken care off!! my 10 month old transitioned so fast thanks to Mrs Charlene (infant room teacher) Mrs Boram and Peter (Supervisors) are very attentive Mrs Sunny (Chef) Makes sure that the kids will get all the variety of fruits and vegetables. the team is very kind and the Centre is very well maintained aseptically now with covid times. They deserve 10 Star review! Keep up the good work! 👍

    Irina Butovetsky
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    I went there with my two kids which is 3 years and 2 years. The place is so nice and clean and the supervisor was so nice and friendly. She told me about all the systems and mental specifically. Also, the most important thing for parents which is security is awesome. I cannot wait to send my kids in there.

    Hai Jiang
  • Richmond Hill Kindergarten Testimonials

    Just had a tour for my 3 year old son here! They're doing the final preparation for opening and the facility looks really nice. I really liked their huge windows because I wanted my son to get as much natural light as possible during the day.

    Boram the supervisor was also very helpful and my son really liked her! I didn't meet any other staff yet but it seems like a very high-quality center overall. Looking forward to seeing them open!

    Suny Yang
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    I am another mom with tour! Building very nice and brand new.

    Activity room with lots of toys looks very interesting and on-site chef cooking meals is exciting.

    Teacher loves kids and I feel good leaving child with them.

    Lindsey Li
  • Richmond Hill Kindergarten Testimonials

    I send my son over for the winter camp, he had a great time there. The school is very new and clean, staff are friendly. The supervisor Ms. Boram was welcoming and radiates love for the kids. Highly recommend !

    Yiwen Chen
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    Sent my son to the winter camp here. The facility is brand new and well-equipped. Lots of activities to choose from. The staffs are super nice and experienced in child care. My son had a great time here.

    Mingkai Shao
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    This school has excellent facilities and well-trained teachers. My little one went to other early childhood centers, but First Roots Early Education Academy was clearly able to understand the needs of a child. She has been happy every day and so have we. She learns a lot from their hands-on; play by learning Montessori style. Great school for young ones!

    Ronnie Mohammed
  • Richmond Hill Kindergarten Testimonials

    Went in for a tour this week because I need a space for my 18 month old daughter.

    The rooms look nice and clean, and the teacher seems very friendly.

    My family is very big on security and we liked that the centre has the whole plaza to itself. The parking lot and grounds won't be shared with anyone else so it gives us parents a little more reassurance.

    We'll likely be enrolling when they open this month!

    Clara Bailey
  • Richmond Hill Kindergarten Testimonials

    My son is 3 years old and I have nothing but the best to mention about this facility. This is our 3rd daycare for various reasons (relocating, staff members smoking during break, etc...) and we are very happy that we finally found the right place. Probably the cleanest facility you will find with the most caring staff and owner. The food is great and he gets fed 4 times a day including snacks. One thing I like the most is that it is not crowded and my son does not want to leave. I guess that is a good sign! Unfortunately we are soon moving to Vancouver and I am certain I wont find a place even similar to this.

    jin kim