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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness
I absolutely LOVE this daycare for my daughter and my daughter adores teachers and the program! My daughter was with another daycare nearby which we had some concerns with their management (not her teachers), and during the first wave of COVID, they crossed the line - how they were handling/ communicating with the parents (basically trying to get empathy for their loss of business revenue); that's why we decided to move from the old daycare, even if we would lose the tuition deposit. I'm glad we did it!! From the moment we met the management team (during tour) to now, the level of care from the management & the teachers is obvious - super welcoming, warm, friendly & kind. Their vision for EC education is clear, and very knowledgeable. The food menu (all made in house including "homemade juice"!!), and program/ activities also shows that it is from genuine warm care for children. Also, they are super communicative, and you get updated throughout the day! I hope other parents to come and enroll their children because I don't want them to close down due to financial hardship during this pandemic! They deserve credits what they do everyday, and as parents, we need this type of facilities available for our children!!!