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When it comes to taking your child to attend preschool, it can be quite stressful and a big step for you as a parent. It can stir up a range of emotions, but it’s important to understand that early learning is essential for developing and nurturing your child’s curiosity. A daycare centre provides a healthy environment for your child to grow and socialize with other kids.

However, if you’re looking for a childcare centre, you need to put in a sufficient amount of research to find a facility that matches your expectations. You need to go through reviews you find online and speak to parents who’ve enrolled their kids with them.

At First Roots Early Education Academy, we are confident about our services and will not shy away from giving you references. Here are some reasons why we believe we would be a great fit for your childcare needs:

Child-centric facility
At First Roots Early Education Academy, we provide a clean and safe environment for the kids at our lofty high-ceiling daycare centre. Our brand new facility has been designed fully while keeping in mind childcare as its sole purpose.

Nutritious and fresh meal
All of our meals are cooked fresh and on-site every day. Nothing is pre-made and simply tossed into an oven. Our menu has been created with two things in mind, nutritious (to promote health), and taste (to make sure our children will enjoy eating their food).

Top class educators
Our team comprises entirely of Early Childhood Educators (ECE), who are registered with the College of ECEs. At First Roots Early Education Academy, we are only as good as our staff, and we are proud to boast a very diverse group of teachers from a variety of backgrounds who all share one thing in common that is their love and passion for childcare.

Unique and engaging program
Our curriculum is built around the Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to help promote our children’s academic and creative development. What makes us stand out is the abundance of unique learning materials we have brought to encourage our students’ growth, ranging from arts and music tools to science and math sets. We strive to ensure that our charges are readily equipped to succeed when they eventually enter the school system.

Easy and reliable communication with parents
Your children are your most valuable treasure, and we have a solemn responsibility to honor the trust you put in us as caregivers. Our ECEs are trained to update you throughout the day through our terrific Hi Mama app so that you can stay updated on your child’s routine and activities throughout the day. Pictures and videos are uploaded as part of your daily reports. They can be activated even after graduation so that you can treasure these memories even after your child is all grown up.

As one of the leading childcare centres in Richmond Hill, we ensure that we exceed expectations and always put your children first. Our state of the art daycare centre is conveniently located, making it easily accessible for children and parents. Our extensive facility is protected at all times so that you, as a parent, can have peace of mind when you leave your kids with us. We have a unique program that primarily focuses on a wide range of language and music courses of nature and nutritional education.

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